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Scripture Champions

The twelve men were sent out by Jesus with the following instructions:


"…Go and preach, ‘The Kingdom of heaven is near!’” Mt 10: 5-7

Each year, children from KS2 have the opportunity to become a Scripture Champion. Children can apply for this role and are selected because they are a great example to their friends and actively live out their faith by demonstrating the Gospel Virtues.

The mission of the Scripture Champions is to bring pupils and teachers closer to Christ and stronger in their faith by sharing the Word of God. The children are actively involved in planning acts of Collective Worship and delivering these to classes throughout the school. Through their Liturgies, the Scripture Champions open the minds and hearts of our pupils to the Word of God and encourage them to demonstrate their faith in daily living and help the school to grow as a Catholic community.

The children confidently base their prayers on current world affairs, poignant pieces of Scripture and Liturgical events. They use hymns, videos, artwork and prayers to help pupils of all ages and abilities access Jesus’ word.

The Scripture Champions are also pro-active in their own spiritual development, reflecting upon key areas of Scripture and interpreting the Wednesday Word. 


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