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Our Parish

We are part of the parish Community of St. Nicholas in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield.


Our parish priest is Father Allen Morris.

Click on the following link to access the parish website: St. Nicholas Parish

Church - Outside.png

St. Nicholas Parish, Boldmere has been in existence since 1841. The original Church was named after Nicholas Wiseman and it was designed by Augustus Welby Pugin who also designed St. Chad’s Cathedral. The current Church was built and opened in March 1953.

Many Parish Priests have served the Catholic Community of Boldmere including:

1841   - 1st Parish Church ‘St. Nicholas Chapel’ - Priests                 were Oscott Professors & Erdington Abbey Monks

1922   - Fr. Joseph Hogan

1923   - Fr. Paul van de Pitte

1926   - Rev. Fr. J. H. Faulconer-Morgan

1929   - 2nd Parish Church ‘The Institute’

1930   - Dr. John Cregg

1941   - Fr. Basil Wrighton

1943   - Fr. Denis McEvilly

1953   - 3rd Parish Church ‘St. Nicholas Church today’

1988   - Fr. Peter Dennison

1989   - Fr. Petroc Howell

1993   - Fr. Brendan Carrick

1999   - Fr. David Bazen

2003   - Fr. Timothy Ford

2013   - Fr. Van Tien Nguyen

2015   - Fr. Allen Morris

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