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Our  Vision, Mission Statement & Values

Our Mission Statement


At St. Nicholas School we are called together to

love, live, learn

with Jesus Christ

Love God, ourselves and each other.

Live life in response to God’s call.

Learn to achieve our best in everything we do.


  • We aim to develop a love of God through our celebration of masses and also through learning about Jesus and what he did for us

  • Through prayer and this love of God, we aim to help everyone to love themselves for who they are

  • We aim to ensure that all children feel loved and valued through the regular giving of praise and encouragement for effort, attitude and success

  • We also aim to ensure that all members of our school community are listened to and made to feel safe

  • At St. Nicholas, we expect all members of our community to follow the example of Jesus and show love to all by treating everyone with fairness and respect


  • Our aim is for everyone involved with the school to live in the love of God

  • We are committed to living out our faith through our thoughts, words and actions

  • At St. Nicholas, we recognise the importance of being lifelong learners and that there is more to education than academic achievement alone. We aim to help all members of the school community grow together through the development of skills and attitudes needed to follow Jesus in the 21st Century

  • We aim to further develop our links with the parish and wider community so that our children can understand what it means to live as a responsible citizen

  • We aim to develop our understanding of other cultures and faiths in order to better understand our community and wider world

  • We aim to place a high importance across our curriculum in the development of personal and social skills

  • We also encourage all members of our school community to live a healthy life


  • We believe that it is our mission in life to make the most of our God-given talents and abilities. Because of this, everything we do in school is based on the teachings of Jesus

  • We strive to ensure that children are involved in the learning process through effective feedback and guidance on how they can improve

  • At St. Nicholas, excellence in learning is what we strive for and we aim to make this a stimulating and exciting experience for all

  • We aim to ensure that our curriculum is designed to enable all children to achieve their potential in everything they do. We work closely with parents and outside agencies, where necessary, to make sure this happens

  • As well as putting a strong emphasis on excellence in core subjects, we encourage high standards of achievement in all areas of our curriculum

  • We also aim to ensure that children with special needs are identified and given the help, guidance and support they need to reach their potential

  • We encourage children to learn how to learn

  • We recognise the vital role that parents play in educating children so we encourage communication between home and school

In order to support learning at home, the school will provide regular homework, give feedback and set targets.

St. Nicholas School Values


Our Values underpin our Vision and Mission Statement; dictating our behaviours and influencing our decisions day to day, in every interaction we have with others, as we work to realise our school Vision…

Every day at St. Nicholas the children will experience their faith in action, an element of success through personal achievement and be happy to be part of our school community; joyfully entering and leaving school with a smile. So our three core values are:




Executive Head Teacher
Vision Statement

As Executive Head Teacher of St. Nicholas, I have a desired vision for what I want to achieve, what I want this school to achieve and what I want its pupils to achieve and experience when they come to St. Nicholas. I aim to ensure a lively and safe learning environment, rooted in the teachings of the Gospel and the necessity for high academic standards, where our staff and pupils flourish; fulfilling their God given potential on a daily basis.

Mr N. Porter (Executive Principal)

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British Values at St. Nicholas
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Safeguarding at St. Nicholas

At St. Nicholas Catholic Primary School, we make the safeguarding of the children in our care our number one priority!

In matters of Child Protection & Safeguarding, the school will follow the procedures laid down by the Local Authority, St. John Paul II Multi Academy and the Archdiocese; working closely with other agencies including the Social Services, Health Services and/or Police. The Designated Safeguarding Leader (DSL) responsible for Safeguarding & Child Protection is the Head Teacher. This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All adults who work unsupervised with our children are DBS checked.

We have signed up to Operation Encompass to support West Midlands Police in their fight against domestic abuse.

To find out more, click here

Operation Encompass - Letter to Parents - 2023

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