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OFSTED & RE Inspection Report

"This is an excellent school. In Years 1 to 6, pupils achieve outstandingly well and reach high standards. In the Reception class, children reach or exceed expectations and make good progress"

"Pupils reach high standards from above average standards on entry to Year 1. The progress they make in nearly all classes is excellent, and pupils exceed the minimum expected of them and reach challenging targets."

St. Nicholas Catholic Primary School was inspected by OFSTED on 13th & 14th March 2023

and was judged to be a Good school.  

St. Nicholas Catholic Primary School was inspected by

Diocesan Education Service S48 on 19th March 2019

and was judged to be a Good school.  

"Pupils’ personal development is excellent, as the school recognises. Pupils thoroughly enjoy school and their attendance is exceptionally high. Their behaviour and attitudes are outstanding and pupils arrive at school with high expectations of what they can achieve."

"Pupils’ contribution to the local community is excellent, much of it through the church, but also through other activities. For example, they have worked on environmental issues and on efforts to resolve local parking difficulties. At a wider level, they have broadened their knowledge and understanding of other cultures, for example, through activities organised by the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development to provide clean water in other countries. Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for their future lives."

"Leadership and management are outstanding and the headteacher provides exceptional direction for the school’s work"

"Teaching is excellent and the great majority of lessons are full of activities that capture pupils’ enthusiasm and effort. Teachers match work closely to pupils’ learning needs. Lessons are fast paced and teachers ask challenging questions that mean pupils have to explain their thinking and understanding. This helps their learning and has been particularly effective in improving pupils’ problem solving skills in mathematics and investigative skills in science."

"The school promotion of community cohesion is excellent, with many activities that help pupils learn to respect the traditions of different groups locally and of other cultures in Britain and around the world."

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"Pastoral care is excellent and is based on excellent relationships between pupils, families and adults. The school provides outstanding support for pupils with learning or social difficulties, working closely with external agencies where needed. Safeguarding requirements are fully met and the school is safe and secure."

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