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Our Faith

Welcome to Our Faith Page. Here at St. Nicholas Catholic Primary School we celebrate the love of Christ and encourage all staff and pupils to follow his example.

Our Vision is: 'At St. Nicholas School we are called together to

                                       love, live, learn with Jesus Christ!'


Our School Prayer

This is our school, let peace live here.

Let the rooms be full of happiness.

Let love live here, love of one another, love of life and love of God.

Help us to remember, that as many hands build a house,

So many hearts make a school.


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Our Academy Prayer

Loving Father, we praise you for the gift of our unique academy family.

We ask for your guidance and wisdom to proclaim the Gospel.

Support us, in the challenges we face.

Inspire us, as we live out our vocation.

Guide us, to make wise and faithful decisions.

Let us not be afraid, open the doors for Christ.

In Jesus’ loving name we pray.


St John Paul II...

Pray for us.

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